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Everyone adores homebaked biscuits. Nothing is more inviting than the sight of them cooling on the counter or the scent of newly baked biscuits. It is my favourite form of aromatherapy.
Biscuits have a lengthy history. By the 1800s, biscuit recipes started appearing as ‘little cakes in cookbooks.’ Actually, the expression ‘biscuit’ comes from koekie or the Dutch word koekje which means small cake.
Recipes for biscuits in many different flavors and fashions continues now and rose in the early 1900s.
However there are far more types of biscuits out there waiting to be baked. They are classified by most cookbooks by how they’re formed into these classes or kinds of biscuits:
Bar Cookies, Squares, or Pan Biscuits
The fastest and simplest kind of biscuit to make. Brownies are the classic example of a batter-kind bar biscuit however they come in various flavors and fashions.
Drop Biscuits
The most frequent form of home made biscuit created by shoving or dropping biscuit dough from a teaspoon or tablespoon on a cookie sheet that was prepared. Simply mix, bake drop, and love — undoubtedly. Popular examples of drop biscuits contain chocolate chip, peanut butter, and oatmeal raisin.
No bakes, another simple biscuit do not need an oven. They’re an excellent method to introduce children to the enjoyment of biscuit making. Some of my favourite bake cookie recipes contain peanut butter bars, coconut date balls, rum balls, and rice krispie bars.
Refrigerator cookies may be categorized by modern cookbooks as slit or slice and bake biscuits.
Shaped Biscuits
Additionally, there are tons of popular vacation “spritz” biscuits that need a special cookie press.
Whichever kind of biscuit you opt to make, family as well as friends are sure to applaud your time and effort.
Martha McKinnon is cooking teacher and an enthusiastic home cook who adores sharing everything she’s learned through her years in the kitchen.

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